The one simple practice that Angela taught has made such a huge, powerful difference in my life. I find I am doing it it many times a day. It brings up my energy, and I feel more connected to my body.

Angela has such passion for her topic and such a breadth of wisdom, and knowledge, as well as a real mission to make a difference for women in this world. And of course all those being served by those women.

She is very good at making people feel safe, and for making a touchy subject fun and engaging, opening up your curiosity.

Carla Reiger

Presentation Prosperity, Author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Facilitator, Coach

What I enjoyed the most about listening to Angela’s presentation is that she is magnetic, entertaining and she really drew me into her subject matter. I didn’t even know that I interested in the subject until she started to talk.

I came away from the presentation having a greater understanding of my own body, my own feminine wisdom and my own potential. She provided us with a with a practical application of that inherent feminine wisdom that we already have.

Mary-Lou MacDonald

Inside Health and Business Consulting, Speaker, Facilitator, Coach

I think that Angela takes a topic that would be rather difficult for some to speak on and makes it easy for people to listen, to engage and to partake.

She is a very captivating speaker, very motivational, and very funny.

Deborah Connors

Well-Advised Consulting Inc., Workplace Wellness Expert, Speaker, Facilitator

I know that Angela presents a controversial topic, but I love the way that she, along with the activity she shared, conveyed the need for us to have these experiences.

I have since shared what Angela talked about, and I have to say it has created engaging conversations for me amongst my friends.

Karen Davidson