I had the great pleasure of having a coaching session with Angela at the eWomen Conference. By sheer luck or destiny, we met in an elevator, and she was able to witness a part of my life that is often difficult. While being on stage in front of many people is not an issue, being in a small space with some of those same people who just saw me, and who are filled with accolades is extremely uncomfortable.

Angela saw me perform and then also attempt to shrink inside myself on that elevator ride. She offered a coaching session, and in that 15 minutes helped me to remember my true power, how to create energetic safety around myself, and led a meditation that helped me reconnect to my feminine wisdom. I will say that my serendipitous experience with Angela was the most profound and lasting thing I brought home from the conference. I highly recommend working with her, it changed my life.

Kat Simmons

Comedienne and Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Gardnerville, NV

I have become more connected with my body and in touch with my own wisdom. Before I started working with Angela I spent a lot of time up in my head or looking outside of myself for the answers. Now, instead, I am able to tune in, get grounded and trust myself for guidance. Some positive results that I have had are new insight, deeper connection to self, and a more expanded awareness of my feminine power and potential.

I would say that while it does require patience and time to change a certain habit or way of being and reconnect with yourself, Angela’s gentle coaching and compassionate presence is what makes that process graceful and worthwhile.

The aspect that had the most impact on me is never really knowing what will unfold within each session and being surprised by that unfolding

The BEST part for me is the increased trust I have in myself and my body.

Salona Carlisle

My understanding of “femininity” is evolving quickly. Before working with Angela I really didn’t have a clear concept of “The Feminine” or even why/how it mattered.  I was aware of the body as a source of intelligence and knowledge, but not the “feminine” body.

Now, instead, I understand that having a woman’s body is a gateway to creativity from a completely different source than the intellect on its own.  Angela’s explorations into specifically feminine sources of knowing are ground breaking. I have more sensation in my body, and I know to reference to the womb space when I’m stuck. This is also a source of well-being and intuition, whereas if I’m in my head space, I can get ideas, but also unhelpful judgments and limiting beliefs.

I definitely have a more expanded awareness of feminine power and potential.

For me, my whole philosophy has shifted, because I think this potential is absolutely being called forth in our era, to help us solve the problems we face in our lives and the world as a whole. I would definitely recommend working with Angela — it will probably change your life.  I’m not in a relationship right now, but if I were, I would want this kind of approach, to be both empowered and loving, in all aspects of my life.

Angela’s clarity around the sources of women’s knowing — sensuality, emotion, intuition — has become a reference point for me, as well as her understanding of the role of Continuum in the big picture of feminine power and potential. The best part for me is really valuing what I bring to my work and relationships as a woman.

Angela is absolutely wonderful to work with! She is passionate. She has lived everything she teaches.  She is clear and professional, and also insistent upon being joyous and alive. She is an inspiration.

Priscilla Auchincloss

Money and Business Coaching, Rochester, NY

Since I started working with Angela, I’ve learned how to use the information in my body to make decisions, a gift that I can practice for the rest of my life. I shocked myself by deciding not to take a training that I had planned for many years.

Before I started this coaching process I could not make decisions about where to focus my energy, or even decide what I wanted in terms of career, relationship, dreams.”

Now, I am able to make decisions based on my body, breath and the universe —not just my small mind.

My poetry manuscript has been published and I’m enjoying doing readings. I’m in a good relationship after 5 weird years of dating. I took my first vacation with my mom and am receiving more of a sense of belonging in my family. I started a new freelance career and am finally earning more money.

Dare I say the aspect of the work that has had the most impact on me was having a conversation with my vagina about what I truly desired. My vagina spoke. And almost everything that it spoke of desiring has come into my life.

“The BEST part for me is that I can keep practising what she’s taught me: how to use the information in my body and being to guide myself.

Kim Goodliffe

Writer and Salesperson, Victoria, BC

After working with Angela I had more awareness of my physical body, and I had more clarity about my own desires, in all areas of my life and relationships. I have developed new skills and tools for staying connected to and aware of my physical body and my intuitive knowing. This has helped me with all of my relationships and in my business life as well.

I still do the practices fairly regularly to re-connect with myself. It continues to shift my energy in positive ways.

Angela is authentic, intuitive, genuine and cares deeply about the work she does and the people she works with.

Colleen Adrian

Conscious Parenting Educator and Coach , Victoria, BC

I discovered that I have this “feminine power” within me that I can tap into if I take the time to slow down and breath and practice the exercises that Angela taught me. I now have a deeper connection to myself and to be more tolerant of myself, not be so hard on me.

This is the closest that I have ever come to meditating as my mind always has the “On” switch on, I never seem to be able to stop thinking. The BEST part for me is a sense of peace that I have in my life , knowing that I am going to be ok, no matter how tough some days are.

Krista Voitchovsky

Realtor, RE/MAX Camosun, Victoria, BC

It was truly a wonderful experience working with Angela. She is a great listener, emotional, empathetic, very patient & speaks only the truth. She provides a safe environment. I was able to trust Angela and even more important…trust myself.

I learned practices & tools to help me get clear on how the feminine feels, to stay present with myself, my thoughts & my sensations. I learned that being in my truth, and being vulnerable helps me to find clarity, so I can create amazing opportunities for myself.

Now when life triggers &  delivers that electric shock to my being I can let go of my “self protection jacket”, and go within, where I know that I am safe and protected.

Carell-Ayne Whalen

Home Styling Expert, Simply Staged- Sidney B.C. Canada