When I began my transition into mid life, the emotions, thoughts, and experiences I was having really took me by storm. From the outside looking in my life looked great. I was in a supportive, loving marriage, had two amazing children, and had a lovely home. However, on the inside there was a huge gap, a dark void, something was seriously missing. When I was younger I was in exploration mode. I trained in Reiki, Reflexology and Touch For Health. I submersed myself in self-help, metaphysical, spiritually affirming books, practices and techniques. I went to therapists, workshops, & healers. I practiced gratitude, I prayed, I believed in something greater. So after all of the personal & spiritual growth work I had done I was left feeling perplexed.

I didn’t feel like I had a purpose, I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t feel good enough as a mother, a partner, or as a woman. I was unhappy with my post baby body, I moved in and out of depression, I had no sexual desire, and I was very aware of the generational patterning I was giving, teaching, and passing on to our children. The guilt I felt for having all of these feelings and emotions was immense. In my mind, what I had, should have been enough, however, it wasn’t, and it was effecting my relationships, my health, and it was keeping me from experiencing a life of true joy, unbridled passion, and authentic expression.

Seeking a more body centered practice, and inspired by my love of dance and movement, I turned to the study, and teaching of, World Dance. It felt great to dance, and to share in teaching others how to discover and move their bodies in new and wonderful ways. What I came to discover was that the joy was staying on the dance floor, the memories of my past were lingering in my body, and my patterns were holding firm. It was this journey into my body that showed me how we hold our biography in our tissues. My curiosity for healing these stories lead me to deeply connect to myself, it was now that I was ready to journey to those parts that were cloistered in imprinting and fear…it was now that I was ready to listen to the wisdom of my body, and allow the voices of the ancient feminine to be heard.

I have come to discover that our sensual aliveness is not separate from our spiritual journey, or our career success, it is in fact the secret ingredient to creating an abundant, joyful, vibrant life. It is when I took the voyage into the sweet center of my womb that great shifts occurred, clarity became accessible, and my confidence levels soared.

Through the studying, training, and certification in The Art of Feminine Presence, Vividly Women Embodiment Coaching, Continuum Movement, The TaoTantric Arts, and Desire Mapping, I have created the tapestry of my radiant health, my divine relationships, and my life’s calling. The essence of my powerful, feminine being now radiates out into all aspects of my succulent life.